Does vitamin E really help eyelashes grow longer?

Applying vitamin E can really help eyelashes grow thicker. Apply it daily, wash it off after 4 hours, and stick with it for 7 to 8 days. You'll see thicker and fuller eyelashes.

At this point, you can stop using vitamin E, because if you continue to apply it daily, one day when you take a close look at the skin around the eyelash roots, you'll find tiny fat grains have grown. So don't be greedy.

Once your eyelashes have grown to a certain extent, stop using it. Eyelashes are replaced every 3-6 months, so stop using for 1-2 months and then reapply for a few days, then stop again...Specifically, I use 0.1 g of vitamin E per pill.

After applying to both eyelashes, about 3/4 of the amount is left (the remaining vitamin E liquid I use to apply to sparse areas of my scalp).

Again, I remind you not to apply too much. Because too much can easily stain the upper and lower eyelids, and over time fat grains will form! If a large amount is used, for example, 0.1 g of vitamin E on one eye, persisting in this will cause millet-sized lumps to form in a few days!!!

The case of forming millet-sized lumps is the sad experience of my friend, because she said that vitamin E is very cheap, so she generously used it, but it turned out to be too much of a good thing.In addition, it should be noted that if it accidentally gets into the eyes, it can cause discomfort such as red eyes. In severe cases, the eyelids may also swell. So be very careful when applying. 

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