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10D Heat-bonded thin base premade fans (16 rows)

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Heat-bonded thin base premade fans

The base is heat-bonded tightly,there’s no glue knot,which makes the stem pointed,could deliver easy application and comfortable wear.

The root use heat bonded instead of glue at the root of the eyelash to make the base light, thin ,more compact and comfortable.

The bottom tape width is ultra-short to easy to separate;and the bottom tape is very suitable for viscosity fans,so it can't easily falls apart when pick up from the base of the lash fans.

Why you choose EJ Premade Fans?

  • No Kink
  • Heat-bonded thin base.
  • Rich black color - no blue hue.
  • Foil Strips-No residues and easy to tear off.
  • Stable Curl- Double heat processing for excellent curl retention.
  • Made from high-quality PBT material, soft and lightweight, not mink fur, cruelty-free and latex-free.