All the common questions about eyelash grafting that you want to know are here.

Q1: What is the specific process for eyelash grafting?

Before grafting eyelashes, the staff will carefully clean each eyelash and then cut the tape according to the curvature of the eye. This is mainly to prevent the glue from sticking to the skin.

During eyelash grafting, each false eyelash is glued one by one onto the existing natural eyelashes. Finally, a rubber vacuum tool is used to dry the glue. Including the time for the glue to dry, the entire process takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Q2: How long can eyelash grafting last?

It usually lasts about 1-2 months, and needs to be touched up after about one month.

Since the false eyelashes are attached to the natural lashes, they will fall off with the growth cycle of the natural lashes (about two months). It is normal to lose 3-4 natural lashes per day. Usually, half of the false lashes will fall off after one month, at which point new lashes can be applied.

Q3: Does eyelash grafting harm the natural lashes?

Only one false lash should be attached to each natural lash to avoid overburdening the natural lashes.

The most important principle when attaching false lashes is that only one false lash should be attached to each natural lash. This way, the natural lashes will not break due to excessive weight. When attaching the false lashes, a distance of about 0.5mm should be left from the root of the natural lashes to avoid stimulating the hair follicles, causing sensitivity or hindering lash growth.

Q4: What material should be chosen for false lashes - mink hair or silk protein?

Either one can be chosen depending on personal economic status and desired effect.

Mink hair is an animal hair and has a composition similar to our own lashes, resulting in a more natural look when applied.

Silk protein is an artificial fiber and the color tends to be darker, resulting in a more obvious effect when applied.

In fact, the material of the lashes does not have a significant impact on the makeup effect, and the most important factor is still the technique of the lash artist.

Q5: What should I do if my grafted eyelashes become disheveled?

Just comb them with an eyelash comb.

Usually, after sleeping overnight and tossing and turning, the grafted eyelashes may become disheveled. At this time, you can use an eyelash comb to comb them unidirectionally and restore them to their original neatness. It is important to be gentle and avoid excessive force, which could cause the lashes to come off.

Q6: How can I remove makeup without damaging the grafted eyelashes?

Be gentle and choose specialized eye makeup remover.

Oil has small molecules that easily dissolve the glue at the false lash attachment point, causing the false lashes to fall off prematurely. Choosing a makeup remover specifically designed for the eyes can prevent this problem. However, it is important to first apply the remover and then wipe it off in the direction of the lashes, rather than rubbing back and forth, in order to easily remove the eye makeup without damaging the grafted lashes.

Q7: Can false lashes be applied for monolids, inner double lids, and puffy eyes?

Yes, they can.

False lashes are available in different curling degrees, among which L-curl is more suitable for those with puffy eyes or monolids. The curling angle of this type of lashes at the root is larger, which can effectively solve problems related to the original eye shape. Of course, the specific situation still needs to be discussed with the lash artist to find the most suitable lashes for oneself.

Q8: How should I apply eye makeup after grafting eyelashes?

Eye shadow can be applied as usual, and eyeliner can be omitted.

Actually, applying eye makeup after grafting eyelashes does not affect the makeup routine. However, because the lashes become very dense after grafting and have a hidden eyeliner effect, you can omit the step of applying inner eyeliner, which makes subsequent cleansing easier and avoids damaging the grafted lashes.

Q9: Will sweating during exercise cause false lashes to fall off quickly?

Not necessarily.

The durability of grafted eyelashes is directly related to the technique of the lash artist. An experienced lash artist can achieve natural and firm attachment without affecting the health of natural lashes. When choosing an eyelash studio, pay attention to their reputation.

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