How to Wear Suitable Eyelashes in Summer

How to Wear Suitable Eyelashes in Summer

When summer comes, many women like to wear false eyelashes because long and thick lashes can make their eyes more attractive. However, there are some things to consider when wearing false eyelashes in the summer:

Choose the right lashes

Firstly, it is important to choose good quality lashes. When choosing, consider the material, length, and curvature. It's best to use lightweight and soft materials that don't cause discomfort, and choose the appropriate length and curvature based on your face and eye shape.

Prevent sweat and oil

In summer, the weather is hot and people tend to sweat and produce oil. These sweat and oil can affect the bonding of the false eyelashes, causing them to fall off. Therefore, before using false eyelashes, the eye area should be cleaned to avoid affecting the adhesion effect. In addition, due to the high humidity in summer, it is recommended to avoid using oily cosmetics, especially eye makeup.

Pay attention to sunscreen

The sun is strong in summer and it can easily damage the skin. Without proper sun protection, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the false eyelashes to fade or deform. Therefore, when wearing false eyelashes, attention should be paid to sun protection. You can choose to wear a hat or use sunscreen spray for protection.

Avoid swimming

Many people like to swim in the pool in summer, but for women who wear false eyelashes, extra caution is required while swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming pool can damage the material of the lashes and affect the adhesive effect of the glue, so it is best to avoid wearing false eyelashes when swimming.

Wearing false eyelashes in the summer requires special attention. Good quality, gentle, and comfortable lashes should be chosen, cleanliness and sun protection should be maintained, and swimming should be avoided. This will help make beautiful eyelashes last longer.
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