Is frequent use of eyelash curlers good or bad? Does it damage eyelashes?

Eyelashes have a life cycle of about 3 months, which means eyelashes are constantly falling off and growing back. The reason you don't notice is because the changes are very subtle. So don't worry if you occasionally see a fallen eyelash. It just means its cycle has ended, and new eyelashes are coming in.
Therefore, whether you use eyelash curlers, get eyelash extensions or perms, eyelashes will still fall off when it's time and new ones will grow back. So why not make them look their best during their limited time?
Whether it causes damage is not so important, as eyelashes will eventually fall off and regrow anyway. If you don't believe me, I once accidentally burned my eyelashes by perming them, and they grew back to normal in two months. Eyelashes have their own growth and metabolism cycle. Whether you curl them or not, they are still there.In summary, eyelashes constantly go through a natural growth and fall cycle every 3 months. While eyelash curling, perming or extensions may not directly cause permanent damage, they do not stop this natural cycle either. The effects of these eyelash treatments are temporary as eyelashes will eventually shed and regrow. The key is to understand this cycle and make the most of your eyelashes during the time they last.
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