Your Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions: What You Must Know Before Your Appointment"

Your Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions: What You Must Know Before Your Appointment"

"I have to admit, during my first eyelash extensions appointment, I was so excited about the prospect of fluttery lashes without having to use falsies or mascara that I completely forgot to ask important questions beforehand. However,  celebrity eyelash extension expert of ejLashes explains, there is still some maintenance involved with lash extensions. While they may require less upkeep than daily applications of mascara or false lashes, they are by no means a "set it and forget it" solution.

To help you better prepare for your appointment and ensure proper aftercare, we consulted Phillips and other lash experts for their insights. In this article, we've compiled everything you need to know - from pre-appointment preparation to essential aftercare tips - about eyelash extensions. Read on to discover all the basics that will make you glad you're in the know (and that I wish I had known) before your next lash appointment."

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are semi-permanently glued onto your natural lash hairs. Unlike strip lashes, which are applied all at once, lash extensions are added one by one, allowing for a highly customized and natural appearance.

What is the duration of eyelash extensions?

If you take good care of them (more details on that later), eyelash extensions can last from six to eight weeks, until they naturally fall out like your normal lashes. However, once they begin to shed, you can have your lash stylist fill in the missing pieces. In this way, you can technically maintain your eyelash extensions indefinitely.


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